What Does It Mean to Come Out of Babylon?

Back in 2012, I published my first book, Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last. In that book, I attempted to show the reader how we are both politically and religiously connected to the things of Nimrod’s Babylon. When I finished Chapter 7, Coming Out of Babylon, I thought I was done with the book. But YHWH impressed upon me that I was not done. I needed to come out of Babylon too. At first, I didn’t know what that meant. But I prayed and the Lord began to reveal many things to me.

A big part of “coming out of Babylon” involves unlearning many of the things we were taught by well-meaning members of and teachers in the Church. In my mind, one of the biggest problems and hindrances in doing this is that of Dispensation Theology. I came from that background myself, so I understand the arguments quite well. However, Dispensation Theology directly contradicts Romans 11, Galatians 3 and Revelation 21 among other Scriptures.

If you are new to the things we are teaching here at the Virtual House Church, the following may help you to unlearn some things that may be keeping you from understanding where we are coming from concerning Israel and the keeping of YHWH’s Laws and Feasts.

The Sabbath after “Black Friday” 2010 was the first time I entered into a true appreciation of the Torah and began my journey into discovering the blessings of keeping the Sabbath, the Feasts and the Commandments of YHWH. Shortly after that first encounter, I started my radio show, The Revolutionary Radio Project. My very first broadcast was called “Back to Basics” and it featured my friend Kevin Roberts as my guest. The following broadcasts illustrate what it looked like for me to begin my trek “out of Babylon.”

Back to Basics 1

This show originally aired on 11/30/2010
How far have we strayed from true Christianity? As we approach the Christmas Season, let’s take a look at the truth surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ vs the traditions of men. We’ll be talking with our good friend and fellow researcher, Kevin Roberts.

Back to Basics 2

This show originally aired on 12/09/2010.
How far have we strayed from true Christianity? As we approach the Christmas Season, let’s take a look at the truth surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ vs the traditions of men. Kevin Roberts will be joining us again along with Pastor Michael Thigpen to pick up where we left off with our last “Back to Basics” show.

What God Are We Serving Anyway?

I think first, we must realize Constantine was NOT a Christian! He hi-jacked true Christianity and replaced the things of YHWH with pagan traditions… such as Sunday instead of Sabbath and Christmas and Easter in place of the Feasts of YHWH. Constantine essentially took Jesus and refashioned Him in his own image and likeness.

Now more than ever, we who say we worship Yeshua (Jesus Christ) MUST distance ourselves from the pagan, false god related activity and dive into the Scriptures to do what is right in order to worship our God in spirit and in truth! Lines are going to be drawn in the sand. Which side will you be on? Worshiping in spirit and truth the ONE true God (the way HE said He is to be worshiped), or playing in the cesspool of pagan Christianity?

The following video, “Too Long in the Sun” serves as a good primer for the rest of the content on this page:

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Let Us Now Address Our
True Identity in Christ

The following simple diagram illustrates how we are to understand ourselves if we have believed in Yeshua/Jesus Christ:

The following video teachings go much deeper into this understanding and I consider them to be MUST WATCH material in order to begin our quest to “come out of Babylon”.

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Here’s my personal take on this issue based on the information provided above:

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What About the Food We Eat?

Are YHWH’s dietary laws still applicable to us? Consider:

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What About the True Holy Days of Scripture?

We present the following resources for you to consider so that you may gain a greater understanding of who we are in Yeshua and why the Feasts of YHWH are important for us as Believers (and why the pagan ones are not):

This is a great short movie concerning the Feast of Passover:

You Can't Keep Passover??

The following are great resources for being introduced to the Feasts of YHWH; how they are to be celebrated, when and why.

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